Dowry System in Nepal

Dowry System in Nepal 

Dowry System in Nepal
Dowry System in Nepal

Dowry System

                                     Dowry means something valuable or money that is given to a daughter at her marriage. The dowry can be money or other precious things such as jewelry, furniture, land, and animals etc. In my community, there is no system of giving dowry to the married daughter. However, a daughter can always be helped with everything as her parents or brothers able to provide and she needs in her way of life.

                                 In my View, marriage is a wise link and selfless relation between a man and women. In our Hindu society, it is regarded as the holiest connection between the two souls of a young boy and a young girl. I think the system of purchasing a Girl by given dowry at marriage is not good. The holy marriage can't be compared with physical property. I don't think that the property is the main thing to make a happy life. In my view, Property is the dirt of hands that comes from somewhere and goes with a simple wash. The marriage becomes successful when the married couple has heartily love and life. 

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Causes of Dowry System in Nepal

                                   A moral life marriage morally and sacred love and relation are the gifts of God. It is also for births. There are many people who have become happy with only love. But there is no one who has felt happiness with only property. People say that the property can provide foods but property can't provide appetite. It can buy beautiful clothes but it can't show beauty. Property can do many marriages but it can't give the virtuous bridge and bridegroom. In the same way, the dowry system gives neither a true love in the couple nor a feeling of a happy and successful life.

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