Tourism in Nepal

Tourism in Nepal

Tourism in Nepal
Tourism in Nepal

                           The word 'tourism' means commercial organization and operation of holidays. Tourism is related to tourist and tourist is related to holidays Because without tourist we can't imagine tourism; similarly, one person can't be a tourist without holidays, in the present world, tourism has become one of the most popular and high incoming profession.

Places in Nepal for Tourism

Tourism in Nepal
Tourism in Nepal

1: Kathmandu
2: Pokhara
3: Mount Everest Base Camp
4: Buddhanath
5: Pasupati Nath
6: Bhaktapur
7: Annapurna Mountain
8: Mustang
9: Patan
10: Chitwan National Park

Tourism Board Nepal

                                   Nepal is a mountainous south Asian country. She has various kinds of natural beauty. Various natural beauties decorate her. Her beauties have been attracting a large number of tourist day by day. Although Nepal is not a rich and developed country, the people from different countries of the world come to Nepal to see her natural beauties. This large number of tourist' arrival has made tourism a permanent industry in Nepal. Nepal has a lot of prospects for tourism. We have already realized that tourism is the backbone of Nepal Economy. So, the government of Nepal had declared that the year 1998' as a 'visit Nepal year 1998' which was celebrated as a national festival.

             Nepal lies between two big countries India and China. It is a landlocked country. It is also a small country. It is very rich in natural gifts, beauties, and resources. But it does'not have enough modern facilities because it is a developing country. Most of the people depend on agriculture, so it is called an agro-based country. Hydro-electricity can be easily produced in Nepal as it is the second richest country in water resources in the world. Tourism has earned a lot of foreign currency. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal. The highest peak of the Mount-Everest lies in Nepal. Anyone can realize that Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Tourism in Nepal
Tourism in Nepal

Essay about Tourism in Nepal

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                                 Nature made Nepal a center of 'Tourists attraction'. High mountains, Green valleys, zoos, Rivers, Historical Places, Temples, National Park, Nepalese Culture etc are the main presents for Nepal and Nepali provided by nature. These gifts of nature attract tourists and give them enjoyment.

Tourist Attraction in Nepal

                                    Nepal, one of the most beautiful countries, lies in the heart of the continent. The beauty of Nepal is beyond description. Nepal has many mountains where various types of trees, bushes which are living places of many birds and animals to grow. Towards the north, there are very high Himalayas capped with snow. The scene of melting snow and piled snow attract us dramatically. Many tourists come to climb the high mountain such as; Mt.Everest Mt.Makalu etc. There are very many forests in Tarai like Churia range belt. The Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Koshi Tapu Wild Reserves are the best Tourist Attraction in Nepal.

Advantages of Tourism in Nepal

                      The tourism industry has improved our economy and identified Nepal known all over the world. Besides, importing foreign currencies in Nepal tourism has imported various languages, good cultures, and fashion etc. and made rich. Except this tourism has given the most important achievements in the past time is Mr. Tenzing Sherpa's successful step on the peak of the world, Mount Everest that opened the main gate of the tourism industry, Travel agencies and Trekking agencies professions.

Disadvantages of Tourism in Nepal

                              Although tourism has many advantages it has some disadvantages too. Tourism imports not only foreign currencies but also foreign diseases such as HIV/AIDS etc. Bad cultures such as Hugging, Kissing etc. And bad fashion as wearing very short garments such as mini-skirt and showing sexy scenes that are the main gifts of western cultures. Except this, Some the foreign smugglers come to Nepal as a tourist and start their jobs.

Conclusion of Tourism in Nepal

                        In spite of being the vertebrae of Nepalese economy tourism has been facing some difficulties for years. Uncomfortable roads, landslides, problems of local languages, Problems of Accommodation and protection, footpath business and beggars etc, are the main difficulties of the Tourism Industry in Nepal. For the improvements in tourism, security should be guaranteed throughout the country. New tourist centers should be opened. Gentle tourist-markets should be opened.

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